September 1, 2017

All 10th grade freshmen as well as our newly hired American teachers embarked on a field trip to the Tianlong Resort & Holiday Village for a full day team building. The main purpose was to make students and teachers aware of the importance of team work and trust, just before they were about to be bombarded with the tremendous amount of work as the new school year approached.

August 20, 2017

(The author of this article, Mr. Timbray Shafer in picture above, is an English teacher at Yiling American High School)

This past summer, I went on a two week Euro-trip filled with flights on cramped budget airlines. In comparison, my ride from New York City to Beijing on Air China felt luxurious: Leg room, televisions, pillows and blankets, food, drinks. The only disappointment was realizing just how bad my Chinese was....

July 7, 2017

Yiling American High School is moving into a brand new campus together with Yiling Senior High School starting from September 2017. The new campus covers about 50 acres of land, one of the largest in the Hubei Prince, China. Equipped with cutting edge laboratories and unparalleled facilities, the new campus is offering students and teachers a great learning environment, so as to ensure the success for each of them....

June 12, 2017

While most Chinese students were comfortably sitting in classrooms and enjoying another chill day, students at Yiling American High School were given a special opportunity to experience how challenging their lives could be if they were to live on their own. They were divided into four groups, each led by a teacher with 10 RMB equivalent to 1.4 dollar and were requested to accomplish four challenges within 6 hours at fou...

May 9, 2017

YLAP recently held a special 'Olympic Games' in TOEFL Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking section. The proposes of holding this so called 'Olympic' are not only to review what students have learned in classes, but also to effectively promote their interests in learning English, especially TOEFL.

To make it more like a real 'Olympic', there were games both in individual and team competition for students to participate in....

Students at YLAP recently embarked on a journey to learn about Chinese tea culture. They happily left all the schoolwork behind and thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the top of the tea hill in Yichang, where they were divided into four groups led by their teachers and took part in activities including tea and bamboo shoots picking, visiting the tea workshop, learning tea-making process, tasting original farmhouse food, l...

March 25, 2017

We have now opened a few teaching positions at Yiling American High School starting from September 2017. Teaching spots including Advanced Placement (both for science and humanity) as well as English as Second Language (both for TOEFL and SAT)

We welcome all applicants with or without teaching experiences who wish to advance their educational career in China. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send...

February 1, 2017

16 students from Yiling American High School traveled to the West Coast of United States during their winter break. They first spent two weeks at their sister-school Sammamish High School in Seattle by attending classes and staying at home-stay families with their shadow student partners, during which they paid visits to Microsoft Headquarter, Seattle University, University of Washington and Boeing Aviation Center.


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