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A dozen of 10th Grade students at Yiling High School International Program recently completed a two-week exchange program at John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics & Science, which is a college preparatory public exam school along with Boston Latin School that specializes in "STEM", located in Boston, Massachusetts. O'Bryant is also a sister-school of Yiling High School in addition to Samammish High School in Seattle, with whom students at Yiling High School had an exchange program last year.

During the exchange program, students from Yiling High School International Program studied in the same classroom with their student partners in similar age from O'Bryant and lived in their homes for two weeks, which helped Chinese students broaden their horizons, observe American society and culture in their own eyes and understand the U.S. as well as its educational system in a more practical way than learning from textbooks.

Mr. Roper, U.S. history teacher from O'Bryant specially prepared a few classes introducing American revolution to students from Yiling High School, who were impressed by Mr. Roper's encouragement and emphasis of critical thinking and class debate. 'History classes here are so different from what we were used to in China. Opinions seem to be more powerful than facts which made classes here really fun', says one student.

Mandarin learners from O'Bryant also seized this opportunity to 'show off' their skills in this so called 'one of the most difficult languages in the world'.

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