Dual Diploma Program with Haverhill Public Schools

We are very pleased to announce that Yiling High School is going to launch a Dual Diploma Program (DDP) together with the Haverhill High School in Massachusetts commencing from 2018/19 school year. Students admitted to this program will receive diplomas both from Yiling High School and Haverhill High School upon successfully completing all studies within three years. This newly formed partnership also entails in-depth cooperation in following aspects:

Curriculum Accreditation: all curriculum taught by American teachers at Yiling High school International Program will strictly follow Haverhill High School standards and all courses will be accredited by Haverhill Public Schools.

Curriculum Assessment: a regular curriculum assessment through in-classroom observations and teaching plan supervision will be jointly carried out by Haverhill Public Schools and Alpha Partners Education Group.

Teacher Recruitment: Haverhill Public Schools will assist Yiling High school in sourcing and hiring qualified American teachers who are capable of following the rigorous standards required by the Dual Diploma Program.

College Counselling: all students enrolled in the program will have access to college counselling resources or other relevant online resources at Haverhill High School.

Both parties have further agreed to continuously expand their two-way exchange programs including short-term and long-term (semester or school-year long) exchange opportunities that are offered to both students and teachers.

The Haverhill Public School system is dedicated to ensuring each learner meets or exceeds rigorous academic standards to become a citizen with integrity, skills, and the resources to succeed in the global community.

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