YLAP Students Excelled in Physics Bowl

Congratulations to Mr. Keller and his six students who did very well in this year's Physics Bowl. As a team, they ranked No. 2 in the whole Hubei Province and No.4 in Central China among 30+ top schools that participated in this this year's competition.

Mr. Mason Keller

About Physics Bowl

Physics Bowl is a physics competition coordinated by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). The test is taken during the first half of April each year by approximately 10,000 physics students worldwide. Competitors must attempt 40 physics-related multiple choice questions in a 45 minute long time period. First-year physics students take the Division I test, while second-year physics students take the Division II test. Originally based on the American Chemical Society's general chemistry test, Physics Bowl was used as an external benchmark for physics teachers to assess student performance starting in 1983.

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