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Qualified teachers are expected to teach full-time in a 10-20 students classroom commencing from mid-August 2019. The contract of employment typically lasts from 1 to 3 years, renewable by the end of term with work visa application always supported by the school. Students are in the 10th and 11th grade aged from 16 to 18 years old with fairly good command of English.


Join us and embark on a unique journey in a scenic city of China with a group of selected teachers and educators who share similar educational philosophy.

There's no available positions at the moment but you are always welcome to submit your CV for our future reference should you feel you meet requirements herein listed.

  1. Native English speaker with a B.A. or higher degree from an accredited university;

  2. Knowledge and familiarity with curriculum set-up, delivery, assessment and exams for the applied position;

  3. Prefer applicants with teaching credential/license or at least two years full-time teaching experience in relevant teaching subjects;

  4. Prefer candidates who are flexible, hardworking and self-motivated.

Requirements for previous jobs posted:

Available Positions:


What we offer

Each teacher at Yiling High School Internatinal Program receives competitive salary, free health and medical insurance with access to first-class hospitals, free International Air-ticket from Yichang to your home-city, free fully furnished apartment with all utility bills covered, and other benefits that are rarely provided by international schools in China.

Please submit your CV/Cover Letter. We endeavor to respond to qualified applicants within three business days upon receiving their applications.

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