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Nothing could be more thrilling than working with a group of teachers and educators coming from different backgrounds however sharing the same ambition of making their school the best of its kind. 
Larry Weathers
Academic Adviser (Science)

Larry is the Academic Adviser in Science at YLAP as well as the Director of Science of Arlington School District, MA. He is in charge of teacher training and curriculum development. He was awarded the presidential awards in science teaching by George Bush in 1991.

Ethan has worked in China's education industry for almost ten years. As a pioneer and promoter of international education in China, he has an extraordinary understanding of both Chinese and American education system. Ethan holds B.A. in International Relations from Peking University. 

Ethan Feng
School Founder  & CEO of Alpha Partners Education Group
Berlin Li
Chief Recruiter & Director of Alpha Partners Education Group

Berlin is based in the U.S.A. as chief recruiter for YLAP and mainly in charge of YLAP's overseas recruitment of teachers. Berlin holds B.A. in Arabic and Economics from Peking University and Msc from Cass Business School in London.

Kathy Coleman
Academic Adviser (English)

Kathy has been teaching English at both the university and high school level since 1970 and is now the Academic Advisor in English at YLAP.   She taught AP Literature and AP Language for over twenty years and is an AP Reader.  In addition, she has worked extensively supervising and mentoring teachers in curriculum and classroom practices in Harvard, Lexington and Arlington schools.

Te Qi
Chief College Counselor  & COO of Alpha Partners Education Group

Te is an experienced college counselor as well as an exceptional international school manager from his multiple years of work experience at a top international school in Beijing. Te holds three degrees and teaching qualifications from Peking University, Sciences Po and Vienna University. 

Eileen Qiao
School Manager & Chief Program Director

Eileen brought more than a decade of experience in school management to YLAP. Prior to joining us, she was the administrator of the international division for one of the most famous public high schools in Xi’an, China. As the program director, she is full of passion while taking great care of her students and fellow teachers.

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